Datalogic DX8210

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Артикул: DX8210
Доставка: от 600 р. в пределах МКАД. За пределы МКАД - с помощью транспортных компаний, по их тарифам. подробнее о доставке

Указанная цена актуальна при заказе от 25 000 руб., при заказе на меньшую сумму, стоимость может измениться в сторону увеличения.
  • ALL-IN-ONE architecture offering outstanding ease of use and ease of installation
  • Single device offering 900x900 mm (36x36 in) omnidirectional reading area
  • High scan rate (2000 scans/sec) provides top results on high speed conveyors and in mass production environments
  • Excellent performance on low quality code and unpredictable reading conditions
  • Unmatchable ease of use and ease of installation
  • DST (Digital Signal Technology) offering stable and constant performance under any operative conditions
  • ASTRA G3 technology offering superior DoF and FoV without mechanical autofocus
  • Ethernet Bus Connections (EBC) for high speed data transmission and real time synchronization
  • Fully redundant configuration and no single point of failure
  • e-GENIUS web browser programming tools
  • Ease of maintenance and automatic replacement
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